Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Distractions come in little sizes

Have you ever sat by the crying baby at church and had trouble focusing? Church on Sunday was a NIGHTMARE to say the least. I went through all sorts of emotions in a 30 minute period. First I was seriously annoyed, then embarrassed, then laughing...

There were kids behind me, plenty of them. None of them louder than normal or expected but again, PLENTY of them. In front of me...now that was the real problem. Three 2 year olds, one adult. Here's what I think. If you stand on a pew and are taller than people sitting, YOU ARE TOO OLD TO STAND ON A PEW. It is so distracting. Maybe stand on the pew when everyone stands up because you can't see good but come on....the entire time??? Seriously? All three of them stood up, facing back. When I say facing back I mean staring at you. You try not to look at them. You try to think "Jesus loves the little children" but you can't help thinking, God wants parents to have some sort of discipline and control. 2 of the 3 were eating/slobbering. One even leans over the pew and watches a long line of spit fall slowly from her mouth to the floor. All of them traded positions every...oh I don't know 30 seconds.

At one point, during a prayer no less, ALL three were playing peek-a-boo and trying to outdo eachother. They get a simple finger to the mouth "shush" from the adult they are sitting with. What?!? Then, as soon as another prayer starts one of them rolls an attendance card up and makes herself a trumpet. AT LEAST that was taken from her. Not soon enough though. I leaned over to my mom and said, "she's got a trumpet now." She started to laugh and then I couldn't stop laughing. I did everything I could to laugh silently. Now I'm distracting. Good one Rose. My mom asks me in her "supposed to be a whisper, NOT a whisper voice," "Do you usually sit here? Maybe you should sit over there next time." Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

Then they are given money for the collection plate which one of them starts to chew on. My mom says again in her "supposed to be a whisper, not a whisper voice," "that's so gross she's chewing on money." I told mom to write it down if she has something to say. Ha! How bad is that. Everytime she "whispered" something I would look over to Justin and he would just close his eyes. I think he was trying to teleport somewhere else. :)

So the moral of the story is as follows...if you can't see past distractions....wait until everyone else has sat down and then choose your seats wisely. The End.

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  1. My computer is just now working where I can read your blog! You are an amazing writer Rose! I think we need to bottle you up and market you! :)

    Now to your post...I try to sit near parents with little ones and help them out. I was doing the PALS class the day in your blog, so I was not distracted needless to say! Anyways, I know your frustrations and feel your need for venting....when Doug and I dealt with our girls, we sat up front all the way to the far right so we could go out right there. I know we are a minority these days! I have heard many say, let kids express themselves at church, some say take them out and keep them out. UGH! I like PALS! I love to teach PALS! I try to help the kids learn to sit in the pews and try to teach them quiet when we pray, when we have Bible story time etc. Okay, I am done now!! Keep up your amazing writing Rose...you're a cool kiddo!!! I still wanna bottle ya up!!!! After school gets started back we will have to go to lunch sometime...my treat...and have fun, okay!!!