Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'll always remember that 12 X 12 = 144,000

So while we were at the Dollar Store, Justin sees these multiplication flash cards. He thinks, "hey it would be good to freshen up on those" and he buys a pack.

One night he is sitting by the computer and the cards are next to him. The card on top is 12x12. I grab it, hold it up and ask him the answer. He says, "that one's easy." In my head I am assuming he is going to do some 2x2 something or other and come up with some weird way of remembering it. Nope. You know what he says?? Do you want to know?? You will NEVER guess.

So he says, "In Revelation it mentions the 12 tribes of Israel and that 12,000 people from each tribe are thought to go to Heaven and that's where some people get the 144,000 people in Heaven crap."


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  1. I will never forget that now either. lol