Saturday, August 29, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting.

So my friend asked me if I could watch her 2 year old. I instantly thought about the trauma this would bring to my chihuahua Percy. Percy loves just about everybody but if I had to be honest I would have to say he HATES kids on bikes, strollers, helmets/hats of any kind and the person who is wearing it (including Justin), and toddlers. Babies are ok. They aren't as quick as a toddler. How could I say no though? Not gonna say no...but need a solution to the problem. I know...take the toddler away from the chihuahua and find SUPER FUN activities to last the entire time. 6 hours. Now there's a challenge.

Little Evelyn arrived just after 3 and we waited at home for Justin to get off work. First we sat and watched cartoons. My jaw dropped to the floor during Tom and Jerry when Jerry uses a bra as a parachute and when the air puffs up the bra cups it suddenly has nipples too. What the junk?? These cartoons are too old for that! While we were watching cartoons I got up to get a drink. What does Percy do? He gets up and scoots over to Evelyn and lays back down. What?? Did she have a treat in her pocket or something? Nope. He just was seemingly ok with her. My little son is growing up. *sigh*.

Since the cartoons stunk we went outside. Less things for a 2 year old to break out there. (I know. I'm paranoid but with no kids and a dog the size of a toy I don't exactly have reason to kid proof my house) While outside we swung in the hammock. After I showed her how I was NOT allowed back in. She however was, and got a kick out of being rocked and switching laying down/sitting up positions every 30 seconds. After she hopped down she picked up a stick. I couldn't quite tell what she was saying about the stick but I could tell she was excited and thought "Hey, I could use this to my advantage." We then proceeded to pick up all the sticks from the storm and put them into the "stick" pile behind the house. Nice. Then we played a sort of hop scotch game on the stones leading to the front door. Percy even joined in. No joke. It was hilarious.

Shortly after that Justin arrived home and we all headed to the water park. Slight delay on buckling her in the car seat but no worries, she showed me how. We got to the water park on base and she screamed "water" so we thought she was pumped. I think the water might have been a little cold because she was def. more interested in things like standing on the benches, writing in the sand with a stick and picking up bees. We shot the last idea down in a hurry. Justin ran around saying "Evelyn look" every 20 seconds but only got a reaction every...oh I don't know...10 minutes. She was def. in her own little world.

So on to the park...which looks more like a wooden castle than a play set. I'm glad some worthy playgrounds still exist. We pretended to be boat captains, we yelled "hello" up and down the curvy slides, we tapped on some bells and tried out multiple swings. It was overall a success. Getting ready for Mcdonalds and changing out of our swimming suit was less of a success. Let's just say it involved locking me out of a bathroom stall, touching everything in the bathroom with her little hands and almost running out of the place naked. But, the end result was a fully clothed 2 year old with REALLY clean hands. What more could you ask for?

After the park we headed to Mcdonalds. Evelyn almost fell asleep in the car. She's getting tired. Score. I asked Justin if he wanted to take her straight back to the play area or come order food with us. He wanted to order food but after her suggesting in so many ways that they were in the wrong place, he conceeded and headed to the back. It took some coaxing to get her to eat and play later when the food arrived. Which was even funnier when a little boy her age yelled "coming!" as soon as his mom yelled "dinner." Justin said boys always come running for dinner. After dinner and more playing we took her outside to see Ronald Mcdonald which apparently was amazing because she crawled right up into his lap and 15 minutes later we had to tell her it was time to go. We woulda stayed longer (who can argue with a child that's sitting still) only her mom was coming to pick her up.

Overall, I would say it was a huge success. Percy made a friend, Justin got to play at a water park that is otherwise only reserved for kids. I got to explore a wooden castle and feel like a kid all over again, and Evelyn fell in love with Ronald Mcdonald. Good times.

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