Saturday, August 15, 2009

**Hostess Cupcakes**

So I think I could honestly say my favorite vending machine snack is Hostess Cupcakes. I eye them everytime we are at the grocery store but convince myself that is just crossing the line. The other day I bought some. At the store they come in a 12 pack. Much to my dismay...they were going to expire like a week after I bought them. Those things have a LONG shelf life so these were OLD. They tasted old too. They were all dried out and the chocolate didn't so much taste like chocolate anymore. Maybe the kid in me liked them and they always tasted this way. Regardless, they were gross.

So yesterday I decided it was finally time to make some homemade hostess cupcakes like I have seen on Beantown Baker's blog. I went shopping for my supplies. Tweaking them a little bit. I can't make chocolate cake without making "dark" chocolate cake. Yum! I had 2 options for the filling. Make a 7 minute frosting or buy a jar of marshamallow fluff. I have never had marshmallow fluff and it sounded amazing but I opted for the homemade instead. Everything is always better homemade isn't it? It was the most amazing frosting I have ever tasted. I actually tasted like vanilla marshmallow fluff (granted I have never had marshmallow fluff, but I can only imagine).

Everything went off without a hitch, minus having to get the huge orange extension cord out to be able to mix at the stove. I hate my kitchen. The cupcakes were cooked just right. Carving out the middles was easy peasy. The frostings were amazing. I had 5 eggs in the fridge, exactly the amount I needed. *whew*

Laurel and I decided that we should get together and bake more. Fun! What will be next...she mentioned peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. What could be better?

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  1. THOSE LOOK DELISH!!!!! Now I want cupcakes... Mmmmm...