Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 27 Justin, my bad on the boat.

So for Justin's birthday he wanted to rent a boat on base and take it to crab Island. I called to reserve a deck boat and it was taken so I asked if I needed to reserve a Pontoon boat and they said as long as we were there when they opened (8AM) it wouldn't be a problem. It was a problem. Apparently July 25th is a major holiday because there were like 30 people in line and all the boats were taken by the time Justin got to the front. Happy Birthday Babe. Sorry I stink. We had friends meeting us at the park to jump in the boat so I had to call and have them all meet at our place. We ended up going to the beach instead. It was a pretty fun day though.

When we got there, there were almost NO waves which is awesome. Awesome for me, not for Justin. Again, Happy Birthday babe. :) We had several boogie boards with us and Justin was all excited to go boogie boarding. Nope. He did graciously blow up my massive floatie and we tied all our floaties together and went out REALLY FAR. Uncomfortably far actually. Justin couldn't touch and was treading (how in the crap do you spell this, spell check doesn't like it but its in the dictionary!) water for like 20 minutes. (He's the man) So, it was Justin's birthday and he though playing sand volleyball would be fun and I agreed. I don't know why I agreed. I usually steer clear of anything athletic but I guess granted it was his birthday and nothing had gone his way yet. For those of you who don't know....I have like little to no depth perception. I was thinking it was getting better at home. Which makes sense (I promise to get back to volleyball) because at home you can "memorize" where things are. I can open the fridge door now and not smack myself in the face. Well...let's apply this to volleyball. It CHANGES ALL THE TIME! I remember one time in particular I SHOUTED "I got this!" and I hit the air 2 feet back. What in the world. I was sure I had it. I was positive. What a mess. A fun mess though. We played for a LONG time. I even dove once. I know...go me.

So after a long day at the beach we went to McGuire's Irish Pub & Restaurant and I was irritated because they wouldn't let us sit on the deck b.c there was no server. (on a Saturday!) and then I asked for a round table (they have these really cool huge round tables) and they sat us a a long narrow one where not one could talk to each other. Then the waiter forgot we were there for a birthday and they did the birthday thing AFTER they gave us our checks. Special. Overall it was a fun day. Justin swears he had fun. Hope so. Got some cute pics at least. That's all the really matters right????

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  1. i love this! I can just hear you telling this story! Happy late birthday Justin :)