Thursday, September 3, 2009

I used to...

So in light of my 27th birthday. I old. I thought I would list some things that have changed over the years.

I used flying and now I am scared to death of it.
I used to...hates dogs and love cats and now I only want dogs the rest of my life.
I used boy crazy and now I am just obsessed with one. :)
I used to...want to work in a jelly bean factory (as a kid of course) and now I wish I had my own business.
I used to...fix my hair and makeup b4 I would ever dare leave the house and now I will go to the store in my Pjammies. (that's what I call them, don't laugh)
I used to...throw a lot of food away but now I give it the hubby for leftovers. He swears he likes it.
I used to read and now I am asleep in 30 seconds everytime I try.
I used to...think the world was a happy place and now I try not to watch the depressing news.
I used to...cry if my mom tried to get me to say hi to someone I didn't know and now I try to greet everyone new at church.
I used to...clean my mom's house for $8 an hour and now I have to clean my own for free. :(
I used to....draw a lot and now I craft anything under the sun.
I used to...spend hours on the phone with friends and now I much prefer texting.

So I keep thinking of a lot of things I used to be/think/do but they haven't changed. :)


  1. I used to...see Rose almost everyday and now I only see her in pictures on her blog and fb. :(

  2. I remember well when you used to do a lot of these things! I think you have changed into a beautiful, amazing woman Rose and I can't wait to see you at our reunion. DO NOT miss it or I will cry.