Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stay at Home Shopper, my first Blog ever

So I guess I should start by explaining my blog title. If you have ever NOT been employed at one time or another, you might know what it feels like to meet someone new and have the opportunity to answer the question, "so, what do you do?"

There are several ways I could answer this question. Number one: I could say "nothing" and feel like a tool and catch them off gaurd gauranteeing an awkward moment of silence. Option number two: I could say I have a craft business from home which would then be followed with a multitude of questions where I try to explain how I make art from old windows. No one seems to get it. Option number 3: I could tell them I have pain in my left leg that makes it difficult to work. This option is usually the worst pick. The inquisitor will then assume the role of a doctor and ask me if I have had various tests run and keep trying to somehow diagnos me even after I tell them I have been to doctors for over 6 years regarding the matter. Option number 4: This seems to be the best option. I just simply state "I'm a stay at home shopper," get a laugh and move the conversation along.

My friends would tell you that this title very much applies. I am a mad coupon user and I know what sales are going on at what stores and even where everything is located. No joke. Lia once called me from Walmart just to ask me where to find something.

So there ya have it. i'm a stay at home shopper and now I'm starting a blog. Hopefully you will find it funny, honest and entertaining. Maybe it can be a way to stay closer to my family that lives so far away.

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