Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The greatest invention....

If anyone has not yet discovered the non-slip ultra skinny hanger you are missing out! I have a super small closet. In fact, all of my husband's clothes have to be hung up in another super small closet and my dresses in yet another one. One day at Marshall's while I was waiting in line I notice these hangers. But...they were a little too expensive and I passed them up. I never stopped thinking about them. I kept imagining extra space in my closet, the ability to look at a shirt on a hanger without having to use my body weight to push the other clothes away from it. Then I ran across these same hangers at Tuesday Morning. They were an even better deal than Marshalls so I couldn't pass them up. I am ashamed to say that when all was said and done I did spend a ridiculous amount on hangers but can I just say that I no longer scream at my closet. Oh the space it gave me!!! It's a miracle. They were so effective that despite the cost JUSTIN wants me to buy some for his closet. WHAT??? (*insert brake screeching noise*) Justin wants me to purchase something? To spend money on something because it is helpful and not because it is totally necessary? (although if you ask me they qualify for both.)

So if you aren't yet convinced don't forget that they are also non-slip. How many times have you pulled a shirt off a hanger in your over crowded closet and had the 2 shirts next to it come tumbling down. Stupid slippery hangers. Errrr. These hangers are non-slip, they have a dip in the sides for skinny straps but you won't even need them.

Go get them people!! Run! They are going fast! I went back for more and half of them were gone! You won't regret it. Not when you then have room to buy more clothes. :)

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