Thursday, February 4, 2010

30 Days Without Water

Ok so I didn't really go 30 days without water but that is basically what you're telling me when you ask me to go 30 whole days without candy! I probably used to consume more candy than water on any given day. Wow...that thought is embarrassing and I should erase that but maybe that's part of the recovery process. Admitting you have a problem. :)

Just after Christmas I got sick. Literally had sores inside my throat. Even had a sore dangling on my dangling thing. (So sayeth the ER doc) So 2 days of sickness pass and I realize that I never had candy. 2 whole days and I didn't even think of candy! It's a miracle! Then....the cravings started. I thought to myself, "You've gone 2 whole days without it....maybe now's the time to try for longer." Then I mention it to Justin who is totally on board with the idea and then I make the stupid mistake of then mentioning it to 240 "friends" on facebook.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a perfectionist. I can def. be fast and sloppy when I am trying to get things done. (take cooking for example....I ALWAYS SPILL and I don't always measure) but as far as saying I will do something or saying I am capable of that has to be lived up to. So I told my facebook posse and that was that.

Later during one of my "I'm gonna die if I don't have candy" meltdowns I had to decide how long I was going to go without candy. This indefinite amount of time was all too discouraging. Justin mentions 30 days. What??!!!!! Are you crazy??!!! Is that even possible!!??? Ok 30 days. Why not. Highs and lows people.

So today is officially day 31. I'm not lying either. I didn't count weekends as double or skip ahead a few days. I didn't sneak candy into my bedroom at night or scarf it down in the car after a grocery trip. I, Rose Langham, did not have candy for 30 ENTIRE days.

I, Rose Langham, am a recovery candyaholic who is going to eat candy tonight. You heard me.

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