Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas at the Langhams

Mom, Jordan and Chris all came down from Oregon for Christmas. Par-TAY! We had so much fun. Even more fun because my friend Laurel also joined us. We had our annual pajama opening on Christmas eve. We played this game we call "telepic" which was madly funny and I cried laughing several times. I'm pretty sure that's good for the soul. Chris brought his wii and we were pretty obsessed with his new game "raving rabbids." I was the master at the shooting games. Go figure. :) Jordan built me a new craft shelf and everyone helped with it. *special*

We went on a lot of walks. Percy went on the most. Whoever went took Percy with them. Mom took Percy on a walk without knowing that when we get back to the gate, he gets his dreaded leash off and then goes through. (*side note-he hates his leash because Justin has dropped it multiple times, it crashes to the ground and bounces behind him like its going to get him. So yeah..he's not a fan) So mom gets to the gate and Percy doesn't want to go in. Hello! You're supposed to take my leash off first! She coaxes him through and then here comes Percy into the house, tail between his legs hiding under the dining room table. Mom....still holding leash. Too funny. Poor Percy. Grandma didn't know! She does let you stop ALL the time and pee on stuff. That's makes it better right??

Mom and I ditched the guys one day and went antique shopping. FAVORITE! She made me go inside some stores I had previously passed by thinking they were the hoity toity kind but they were actually awesome (past the front window of china). I got a plate holder to hold my craft magazines. I love it when find something useful and decorative all in one. I love it even more when it only costs $5 bucks!

Let see...what else did we do. We went out to eat several times. Had pizza all but once. Ha! Don't ask. We went to a natural springs park in Ponce De Leon which was massively flooded and a total dud. Boo.

For New Years Eve we went to Mellow Mushroom---only the best pizza place in the world. I was totally psyched that everyone wanted my top 2 choices. Yes! Mom and Jordan brought cards to play that funny telepic game....which we the table. Then before we left Jordan wanted to embarrass Chris so he asked the waitress to take a picture. Not of us. WITH us. Oh dear. Then my mom picked out some of the telepic cards and left them with the waitress' tip. I had to weed through them. "No, we aren't leaving a random drawing of a gun. She's not going to know it was about duck hunting, we are only going to freak her out." Lol. I wrote underneath one of the cards, "sorry my parents are so weird." I had to. I was embarrassed to the max. Then I was going to go use the restroom and they said they would meet me outside. I get into the bathroom and realize....the waitress is going to get her tip and all the dumb drawings and I will have to do the walk of shame out of there all by myself. Pee fast! I hurried out but my family was still there. Yay!!! Ok they were there minus Jordan. So we went out to the car leaving Jordan to do the walk of shame. muhahhahaha.

If you know anything about my family you know from time to time we have a phrase or quote that we just can't let die. One time it was "bling bling." So this time Mom and Jordan and Chris all came saying quotes from Anjela Johnson's stand up comedy. Look it up. Aaamazing. One was "mo betta fo u." (must be said with asian accent) The others were "rue" "security." *the UR sounds like ER (must be said with ghetto accent). The all time best use of these all week was when some teenage boy called mom, thinking it was Chris (so this boys little sister has a crush on Chris...I think that's where this was coming from) and proceeded to cuss my mom out. My mom's response? "rue" "security"

Oh one last could I forget?? Justin and I both cut the tips of our thumbs. Justin actually cut his off. Mine came off later. What a nightmare. Justin randomly got 2 paring knives for Christmas. One from me and one from Jordan. They just so happened to be the exact same knife. Same color even. So I'm cutting tomatoes and slice my thumb. I jump up and down, hooping and hollering. No one is reacting to me. What in the world??? Blood people!!! I think maybe they did react sooner and I was just in slow motion. Justin bandaged me up and continues his onion cutting. I'm sitting at the table with my back turned to him and hear. "I think I just cut part of my thumb off. Yep its right there on the cutting board." Slightly different reaction than mine. I should be embarrassed but I'm not. He throws his tip away only to later dig it out of the trash, clean it real good and put it back on his thumb. Nope...I did not just make that up. True story.

The family left Jan 1st, despite our pleas to stay longer. We prayed for delayed flight or options to stay behind for overbooking. Nada. See you in September. It can't come soon enough!

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