Sunday, January 24, 2010

My how the time has flown by

Wow. I haven't written in my blog in months. I think the first downfall was a craft fair and the 2nd downfall was the 2nd craft fair. Don't get me wrong...huge success but what a nightmare. I am officially sick of crafting and crossing my fingers I get the warm fuzzies back soon because I have stuff to make.

At both fairs I choose random classrooms for my booth instead of the main gyms. It allowed me wall space which is a huge score. I think lots of people came and never made it past the gyms but whatever...I don't think I could have handled more business. The second craft fair would have been fun if it weren't for one of the 2 booths in the room with me. There were these ladies selling those dumb purse hooks. They were hard core. They had a spot right at the door and I was in the back. They would attack people as soon as they came in. They would ask, "have you ever seen a purse hook before?." Answer always *annoyed stare* "yes." Then they would say, "But you haven't seen ours before." AHHHHH. They were charging like 30 bucks plus shipping (apparently they are on back order---likely story) for a purse hook that is also...wait for it....purse jewelry. Barf. People would listen for 2 seconds, realize they were major sales people in the room and back on outta there. It was the place I did the craft fair at last year and I did have people coming in all frantic saying, "I found you! I was hoping you were here!" That made me feel good.

Can I just say a little side note about craft fairs?? If you ever go...don't ask questions about HOW someone makes their craft and then follow up with, "Oh, cause I have stuff like this at home and I've always wanted to do something like that." Funniest moment at the craft fairs was when his one family was at my booth and the Mom says "I could do that." Dad says, "No you can't" and slips a business card into his pocket. Priceless. My new answer when people ask questions is going to be (with a smile of course) "Its top secret."

One of the great but NOT SO GREAT happenings at the craft fair in Niceville was my discovery of THE SCONE. I had never met the scone before. For some reason I had always had it in my head that Biscotti was scones. Hard and tasteless. At the craft fair the church made fresh scones. I believe the flavors were cranberry and blueberry/white chocolate and they were delivered hot and to die for. What is not so great about THE SCONE is that I have since looked up how to make them and have made them more than once. They are amazing. They very much need to be on my "special occasion" list and not my everyday breakfast list. Darn you scones and your sweet power.

I currently only have one window left to make and emails of upcoming craft shows that I am dreading. Watch me decide last minute to do it. I'll let you know. :)

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  1. Oh Rose! I miss the warm fuzzies too...I'm slowly starting to get them back...I think I'm missing the money too though! haha.

    And as for the scones...YUM!!! My fav is the cranberry orange from starbucks. Love it. I tried to make scones once, but they turned out like little flat doughy muffins. They still tasted good, but it wasn't the same.