Friday, October 9, 2009

BUGS, you BUG me!

So here's a little story for you.

I open my car door to leave for the grocery store. A bug gets in first. It was like I was opening the door for him. I have never seen this kind of bug before but it was FAST. He flew in, landed in the dashboard and then ran up the dashboard and parked it where he was in the crack/corner where the dash meets the windshield. There was no way I was going to get to him there.

I leave fingers crossed, hoping that he will just stay where he is.

I'm driving along mointoring the bug, so far so good. He is staying in one place.

I get through the gate on base and the bug deceides it's time to change seats. He runs across the dashboard, driver's side no less and straight for me. I had just past the gate so my military ID is still in hand and I trying my hardest to smash the bug with my ID card. I missed and he jumped from the dash down onto my pants. All the while I am DRIVING. So then I am trying to watch the road and smash the bug on my pants. *khakis-probably will leave a stain....who cares! Die bug!* Then he went under my leg and disappeared out of sight. There is no where to turn off the road and I have to just keep driving. We stop at a light and I frantically move my hands around, slapping my own back and wiping under my legs. I can't find the bug and it's worse than knowing where the bug is and watching it.

Finally I pull over and into the bank parking lot. Jump out like a maniac or like someone with a bee in her car, have a mild panic attack and search high and low for that darn bug never to find him or his remains. I bet he's still there. Looks like Justin is going to be doing some cleaning the car out before I get back in.

Does anybody else have the heebidee jeebidees??

P.S. Dear person who designed the base streets. All your "No left turn" signs REALLY piss me off. Especially when I had to pull over for a bug and had to get back on the road driving the WRONG direction for no good reason at all.

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  1. We did not know you had started a blog! I love reading people's blogs. I think everyone sounds so interesting and insightful. it always makes me feel creative. I just read through pretty much all of your entries. I am glad that you and Justin like Florida. I am kind of jealous. I love Florida though I think I would miss the season changes (however slight they are here). Joe can sympathize on base street designs. He complains about Tinker's roads a lot! I am not a big fan of bugs either but I have learned to squish them pretty effectively. I even killed 2 black widow spiders. Fight or flight kicked in! Alright, this is too long for a comment!