Friday, October 2, 2009

Test Results....never fun. Ever.

Ever have to wait on results from a test? Aren't the worst waits when its for something medical? I swear the hspoitals get the results back the same day you are there but they just dilly dally around and tell you whenever they think of it. I actually had to call the hospital and say, "um hello?! I was supposed to hear from you guys last week, now its THIS week." Do they call me back right away? No....they say 1-3 business days and TAKE all 3 to do it. Seems like if they are already late in calling they should be required to call you right then. I hate hospitals. I hate doctors and I HATE HATE HATE students in the lab. Why should a student get to practice on me with a needle? Justin has the guts to say he refuses to let a student prick him but not me. I just take it and suffer the consequences.
So...needless to say 3 whole weeks after I was told 1-2 days for my results I finally got them this morning. I had an ultra sound done because I was having really bad pains in my lower abdomen and they lasted 2 weeks. I have had one done before and they found a cyst in my left ovary. Neat. I had a 2nd to check up on it and it was smaller and now it is gone. Yay!

Hold the applause. Now I have a NEW one in my right ovary and not only that I have a fibroid in my utterus. Oh happy day. A fibroid is a tumor. Usually benign. They are known to cause heavy periods, frequent urination, lower stomach pain, enlargement of the lower abdomen, pregnancy problems especially during birth and potentially infertility but its rare. AND some other stuff....the lists are always ridiculously long and not worth repeating. I think they have to include anything anyone ever said was a symptom. I think someone could say "I can't stop hiccuping and it started when I got a fibroid," and then it has to appear on the symptoms list. *NO...hiccups wasn't on there.*

News like this is depressing. Especially because Justin and I have been trying to have a baby for a few years now. When you have never been prego before and you get wierd symptoms in your lower stomach your mind starts racing and you act like a crazy person until its soon enough to take a pregnancy test. You have usually taken one too soon despite the warnings that its not effective but you just can't help it. I knew when I went to the doctor I wasn't pregnant. That's like the first thing they check even if I come in with a hurt toe. Ok...not really but it seems like it. But to get news that has to do with your "baby parts" and its not "your pregnant" is never fun to hear.

I'm 27 and I know I have "TONS OF TIME" to have a baby but its is so hard watching all your friend's families grow and NOT KNOW if yours ever will. I have stopped saying "If we ever have a baby" and now say "when we have a baby, cause we can always adopt." But attitude in general sucks as of late and I am working on it. If people could stop asking if I am prego or when I am due that would sure help. If people could stop asking me "so, when are you guys gonna have a kid?" like its totally an option to choose when you get pregnant, that would also help. I don't think I will ever get over the extra cheesyness some moms dish out into the world. When their screen names are "mommysavesbig" "Carsonsmommy" and "soproudtobeamommy" I want to barf. I do however LOVE to spend time with my friends babies and love to watch them grow even if it is a little sad. I am so happy for them and glad to have friends I can talk about health drama with.

So I am going to the OBGYN for more info on my fibroid and probably just more guessing and more waiting. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Or...say a little prayer. That might work better. :)


  1. Saying a prayer for you all! I'm sorry you have to go through this, and that people are so rude and say dumb things. People are telling me that it's time for us to have another one. Because that is TOTALLY some random co-worker's business.

  2. Oh Rosie poo, I'm so sorry you guys are going through this. We'll be praying for you to get the answers you are looking for. Good luck to you guys. If it makes you feel any better, I caught LOTS of flack from family about having 2 so close together. It's like it's everybody elses business. Ugh. Or the infamous, "You guys do know how those are made, right?" Minor rant, good luck. We love you guys!!